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SEMA PRO shop, Top Coverage LTD is a 45-year-old, family owned and operated business in the automotive industry. Top Coverage locations are recognized as the #1 supplier of Automotive Accessories and Limited Edition Vehicle Designs for over 350 new car dealerships throughout Chicago, Illinois and parts of Wisconsin. Top Coverage is well known for their high-quality Leather Interiors for nearly every vehicle brand on the road (both factory match and pure custom) and they maintain their # 1 spot in the country for Sunroof Installations (several decades). Top Coverage is also known in Chicago market for their appearance packages, custom Jeep/truck builds, commercial vehicle accessories, Western snowplow installations, vinyl, tints, seat comfort, OEM leather and sunroof repairs, and more. If you look around, their limited edition packages are all over the road; “Midnight Package/Rover Package/Vertex Package/Apollo Package/Chrome Delete Packages,” are the more recent package designs. 


Top Coverage will only work with vendors/suppliers that uphold a superior reputation in the automotive industry, offer the best quality, and provide the best warranty in the market. Owners Courtney and Garrett Pahlke (daughter and son of founder, Henry Pahlke), are apart of a National, Top 20 Group called Restyler’s United, where they research, collaborate on projects, and discuss the top trends products/future technologies coming to the automotive industry. 


Owners are active members of SEMA, SEMA PRO, Y.E.N, SEMA SBN Women’s Automotive Network (Courtney Pahlke), Restyler’s United (, contributes/write articles for SHOP, National automotive magazine. 

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